woensdag 17 mei 2017

Atomic Thrillride – Heavy Elements

Atomic Thrillride – Heavy Elements
Trunnion Records – 2017
Rock, Hard, Seventies, Stoner
Rated: ****

It has already been five freakin years since Atomic Thrillride hit us with their fine ass debut album called Chain Reaction. And now they’re back with a follow-up to that sweaty hardrock record and named the new selection of songs: Heavy Elements. And heavy it is. Filled with ten intense trucking tracks which are all soaked in hardrock tradition, dried with seventies inspiration and sprinkled over with some stonerrock and punk adagio. Making some tracks stand out like righteous speedrock anthems, like closer Rocket To Hell. Sounding less southern, but every bit as sweaty as their debut record the album has without a doubt once again some hot magic going on. There’s something highly addictive about Heavy Elements, the Atomic Thrillride trio manage to make the classic hardrock sound, sound inspired, grimy, ruff and gruff. Every track seems important for some weird reason, with heavy riffs, heavy grooves, heavy rhythms, heavy drums and heavy basswork. Yes, all the Heavy Elements are there, now it just needs you! The bourbon fiends, the beer crazies, all the music junkies and the ones that carry the heavy rock in their heart. In short, the good people who listen to good music!

(Written by JK)

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