maandag 1 mei 2017

Stoner HiVe's Top 5 Artists listened to last week

Stoner HiVe's 
Top 5 Artists listened to last week:

A quick round-up only; cause there are more important lists rolled out this very day. Yes, the new April edition of the Doom Charts. Head on over and see what is the what in the heavy underground! We were still hooked on Millionaire and had a fantastic interview with Tim Vanhamel. And also could not put down the Royal Thunder album Wick. The same goes for the righteous new Samsara Blues Experiment. We dug deep for som SixFtHick, sleazy and swampy cowpunk from Australia. And thoroughly enjoyed the new album Doubleblind by Skunk. All in all; another fine week of heavy music!

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