dinsdag 31 december 2013

Number 1

Number 1

“Fiji Gold Beer is by no means a pilsner that deserves that gold label. It is a basic yellow fizzy in appearance, but with a slightly richer color and a pathetically thin head. The aroma is not offensive, but it doesn't conger up a huge desire to drink it, either. The hop profile in the nose is slightly reminiscent of a decent Pilsner, but that's where the similarities end. The least attractive part of this beer is the sweet graininess in its taste. It's out of place, and has the same kind of malt off-flavor you usually find in a first-time home brewer’s beer, before he or she has discovered the complexities of grain and hops and just throws a pre-hopped extract brew together and wonders why it doesn't taste pro. I often describe this flavor as tasting "like a headache," though it's not usually an alcohol or ester issue. The mouth feel is fine. But, that's not enough to carry this beer…”

In a last ditch effort, after Clutch held the Number 1 position for days on end, this one surpassed it during the final two days. It now has the Gold Medal firm in its grasp. With eight points more. It is of course the album that was highly anticipated for quite some time. One that was meant to be released earlier; but due to legal issues which arose (thanks to the one that did not partake) after their initial successful reunion run (minus one), they had to change name and lots of bass players that were also there in the very beginning decided to call it quits at that point. For the band that started it all, the band that forever will be known as the godfathers of stoner and the flag carriers of the desert sound was brought to life in 2010 thanks to the vocalist. After which the original drummer joined and plans for the future were brewing at the start of 2011. As mentioned before the project grinded to halt due to multiple legal complications and fans feared the worst. But all good things take time and will always come to pass. For it was definitely worth the wait. The album is a throwback to the good ol’ days; and that lo desert sound that we all love so dearly. But with a more loose, bluesy and perhaps even jazzy sound; you can hear the boys matured and discovered their inner soul and recognized its beauty. The vocalist sounds better than ever, the grooves are there, the riffs are damn fine and the drummer is so magnificent that he alone would have deserved a top spot this year. All that’s left to do is to poor another beer, put on the album and dream away under the starry sky as the fireworks explode above… Peace…

Vista Chino – Peace

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