maandag 6 februari 2012

Supersonic Megafuckers – Couple of Tunes

Supersonic Megafuckers – Couple of Tunes
Self released – 2005
Rock, Punk, Stoner
Rated: **

Last year we already paid attention to Easy Trigger, which provides easy digestible rock that neighbors that of the simplest Foo Fighters and Queens of The Stone Age tunes. American radio rock with a poppy and punky feel. But before Easy Trigger came to be in 2009 two of the members already played in Trunk and the three-piece Supersonic Megafuckers. The Megafuckers were able to score free studio time in 2005 and came up with a six songs EP called Couple of Tunes. And it’s easy to hear the later Trigger sound in these songs. Their no-nonsense rock tunes with their simplistic punk feel all last for about a minute and a half a piece. The biggest merit of these tracks however is the bit of raw power and energy that manages to seep through the otherwise melodic and facile sound. Simple music with balls…

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