vrijdag 24 februari 2012

A Giant A Genius – Demo

A Giant A Genius – Demo
Self released – 2011
Rock, Stoner, Post, Alternative, Metal
Rated: ****

In the sandy hills of Drunen four guys are driven on by their relentless search for that all mighty riff. A Giant A Genius incorporates influences from math and alternative metal into their hypnotizing post rock and stoner sound. Already earning their spurs in bans such as Kill Caress and Ni Hao the four members invoke a mystic and hypnotizing sound without becoming too repetitive. And like Komatsu did before them; A Giant A Genius also incorporates samples into their tracks. Although in this case it only slightly works. But even if the sampling invokes an old but weak sort of Jane Eyre sentiment; the massive groove and liquid riffing makes you float along a much darker and preferably brass, copper and bronze feeling. With hints of Therapy? and something excitingly melodic we can only hope for something more by these guys. Something gigantic; maybe even pure genius…

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