woensdag 29 februari 2012

Cowboys And Aliens – Sandpaper Blues Knockout

Cowboys And Aliens – Sandpaper Blues Knockout
Self released / Dice Industries – 2012
Rated: *****

Before we get to the final post of the Dutch Courage Month we will linger a bit longer in beautiful Belgium. For after a period of seven years the magical Cowboys And Aliens finally treat us to four new tunes. The band left us reeling after their fourth full-sized album Language Of Superstars from 2005 when they announced a year later to call it quits. It took four years and a twisted and weird night in a bar filled with insane memories and tall tales to convince each other that the world was still in need of their heavy riffing. So in 2011 they decided to give humanity what it had been longing for all this time. Kyuss-esque, Hermano-type stoner that rolls over you like a freight train on a serious mission. To deliver its rock payload full force and full power into your brainstem and bursting heart. With less wit then before and with a more earnest purpose; the foursome deliver four tracks filled with the promised masterful riffs, thunderous drums and imperial basswork! The Cowboys are back in town!

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