vrijdag 17 februari 2012

Burn The Iris – Sovereign EP

Burn The Iris – Sovereign EP
Self released – 2010
Metal, Post, Sludge, Death
Rated: ****

Sovereign is the first release put out by Dutch metalheads Burn The Iris. The five freaks have been milling around since 2007 and on this first EP they show aptitude and promise. Three drawn out songs that last for about twenty minutes and can easily stand besides the work of bands such as Cult of Luna and Isis. But also influences known from bands like Pelican and Torche can be heard and even a little Mastodon. It’s heavy, droning and pounding rhythm is offset by dreamy guitars and a wicked variation in vocal lines. Especially when and where guest vocalist Tamara Clijsen enters the song; immediately the music takes off and seers over your head. Heavy laden with atmosphere and dark grunts, they know exactly when to switch over to melody and subtlety; only to put all that to shame again with a powerstorm of guitars. Eindhoven Rockcity back on the rise!

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