woensdag 8 februari 2012

Hijos De Mayo – In Sound Underground

Hijos De Mayo – In Sound Underground
Self released – 2011
Rock, Stoner, Noise, Post
Rated: ****

Before the Eindhoven foursome Hijos De Mayo came to be; the members played in illustrious bands such as Gifkip, GodsChosenDealer, Moral Anxiety, Red King Rising and The Ghouls. It started off as a three-piece instrumental band in 2006 after Gifkip dissolved and during those formative years they released two EP’s. When Boukje added her vocals they released their The 4-Track Tape Adventures EP. So with the adding of vocals and a change in drummers; 2008 became a pivotal year. After which work started on their first full-sized album called In Sound Underground; which was released almost exactly a year ago. With their icy and ominous version of stoner combined with noise and postrock they deliver a perfect soundtrack for the winter months. It has a mysterious atmosphere that is sometimes quenched by a wall of sound or subdued by multi-layered details and accents. And only occasionally put aside for a more cliche take on rock; but overall Hijos De Mayo attempt to make their own blend, a beautiful sauce that goes with almost every kind of dish…

(downloadable via their) Homepage

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  1. And for all the Dutchies. Hijos De Mayo plays the pre-show to Komatsu's official EP release party tomorrow in Altstadt, Eindhoven.


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