donderdag 19 augustus 2010

Viberider – The Big Show

Viberider – The Big Show
PsychoSchq / Rough Trade – 2010
Waardering: ***

Viberider hails from Holland and treated many a stonerlover in 2006 to an extraordinary album called Evolve The Long Lead. That those same heads will enjoy the new album The Big Show to the same extent remains to be seen. The four years of silence have transformed the band into a stonerpopformation with most of the emphasis on pop. The diversity of the music has risen and improved; but the raw, wild and rough edge has been smoothed down to a very large extent. We are now left with a Viberider that approaches grunge with caution, often sounds like a powerpop band gone astray and at all times seem to insist on not being labeled as stonerrock. Then again; the tendency to produce strong melodies and mix them with sweet sugared choruses has always been present in Viberider. But in this case a bit more black coffee would make the album stronger and more importantly tastier…

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