donderdag 12 augustus 2010

Mastodon – Jonah Hex

Mastodon – Jonah Hex
Relapse / Reprise – 2010
Waardering: **

Director Jimmy Hayward (Horton Hears a Who, Finding Nemo) was approached for the film-adaptation of the bounty-hunting comic book hero Jonah Hexis. He in turn asked composer John Powell (Bourne series, Hancock) to give the movie its musical face. Unfortunately Powell had to leave the film prematurely, which had to be re-shot over and over again; causing the band contracted to fill in the music to have to start over and over too. And Mastodon was not happy. The guys thought they were busy making the best music they had made in their entire career. Composer Marco Beltrami (Terminator 3, Repo Men) was asked to finish the score and after that Mastodon was again asked to please show that mighty sound you do! The result are four songs and two alternate versions that have little taste and show even less of the glory that is Mastodon. On occasion we hear a little of their magic; but that has disappeared again before you know it. I for one am very curious for the material that did not make this EP…

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