vrijdag 27 december 2013

Number 5

Number 5
“A lot of the new breweries that has cropped up everywhere over the past year or so seems to be dedicated to making boring bitters and other so called Real Ales. Weird Beard is luckily miles away from this rather stale approach. Their focus is on crafting a range of diverse and exciting beers, and it’s our duties, as beer geeks and borderline alcoholics, to support them in this endeavor. Weird Beard - five o’clock shadow. An absolutely amazing American IPA. There is no holding back on the hoppiness of this one. A perfect beer if you love bright hoppy flavors. This is what hop bomb should have tasted like. Beautiful beer, this makes you glad that people care enough to brew this well.”
One point higher as Monster Magnet we find one of those bands that give a new meaning to the words retro, bellbottoms and old skool. On Number 5 we find a trio that made the list last year and made it all the way to the Silver Medal position on Number 2. Their follow-up album makes it to Number five and with a live performance on Roadburn that blew everyone’s mind we can rest assured that these cats will return again soon. But first we have this gem to destroy our teeth on. Unpolished psychedelic stoner and hard rock that grooves with a high pitched villainous vocalist at the helm and a true animal on drums. It is the sound of blood, sweat and tears right through to their lo-fi production; which leave us doubled over with pleasure and fulfillment. It’s a kind of magic!
Kadavar - Abra Kadavar 


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