zondag 29 december 2013

Number 3

Number 3

“The brand 3 Horses refers directly to the origin of the Breda brewery. As long ago as 1446 the “Burghers” of Breda were granted the privilege of brewing their own beer, a right normally reserved to one of the ancient guilds. Slightly grainy and a crisp aroma come from this clear pale golden color brew with a small white head. A taste of club soda and dirty water come from this relatively light bodied brew. With an almost tin taste and a bitter aftertaste it sours the throat like you’re drinking liquid bronze...”

We reach the Bronze medal after climbing one more point. After this we reach the two albums that were voted for way ahead of the rest. But first we are treated to Number 3. There’s heavy, heavy and heavy and then there’s this piece of doom metal extravaganza. With a damn fast new release after their earlier one released in March 2012 these freaks are keeping a sweet speedy pace; which is not something they do with their music. A steady syrupy march towards the inevitable cliff; but there seems to be no end and the slow trek becomes cumbersome, repetitive and full of chronic deceit like you’re on a stroll with Sisyphus. And that’s exactly where their strength lies. Length, repetition, endurance and oppressive structuring…

Windhand – Soma

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  1. I actually thought you were talking about Norway's Tombstones when I read the description, then I scrolled down and ... Windhand!