woensdag 4 december 2013

Mind Vice – Set This Thing In Motion

Mind Vice – Set This Thing In Motion
Self released – 2013
Rock, Seventies, Grunge, Funk, Hard, Stoner
Rated: ****

The Seattle foursome Mind Vice released their debut effort early this year and it tickled the heart, set the blood on fire and had given hope once more for something magical on the horizon. The guys now return with a follow-up four track EP called Set This Thing In Motion. On it they expand and explode their identity turning into a completely bigger animal. Sure we still here some grunge, funk, blues, stoner and hardrock amongst the four little ditties. But they have grown and are now aiming for bigger things with Zeppelin references and wicked walking and thumping basslines. Especially on Like This, which screams for big live performances and dancing with that cute blonde in the audience hoping for more. Mind Vice has called upon tradition to bring them ever forward. And onwards they go…  

(Written by JK)

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