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Thorndale – Lightning Spawn



Thorndale – Lightning Spawn
Self released / Grand Sounds PR – 2024
Metal, Groove, Grunge, Hardrock, Blues
Rated: ****

That opening melody, the guitar line, the way it weaves and moves and dances around itself brought some weird memories of a My Midnight Creeps song to mind, a bit speeded up mind you. And whenever that happens, you have my undivided attention. Opening, title track Lightning Spawn from international but situated in the Netherlands trio, although now foursome, Thorndale, opens like a bluesy hard rocker but you feel it will build up to something more and heavier. Soon, a more metal approach starts to seep through, turning into classic metal one moment, groove metal the next and even some southern tinged stuff as well. With a real galloping and intense bridge part, before a guitar solo lets you fly above the thunderstorm underneath. The mostly clean vocals have the unnerving quality to grab you by the throat one moment and then have this minor part that rubs against the grain. As the record continues you hear some moments, where the vocals turn a more growling, screaming and guttural style; and its sounds like the vocalist immediately becomes more confident. But as it stands, the opening track is the perfect introduction to what the Lightning Spawn album is all about. A marriage of classical styled metal, which moves distinctly into the American style and uses influences of groove, stoner and hardrock. They opt from grandiose gestures, as you will soon hear once second track Ain’t The End Of My Rope roll on. A gritty groove builds to gigantic proportions, drums crash, as the vocalist uses mythological lyrics to paint ancient and lavish vistas. Born As A Stranger, hits faster, harder and then uses that almost trademark Thorndale signature sound, giving room to a guitar solo and letting it all open up and turn light before returning to that massive chug. Distinctly operating on every metal side of the Heavy Undergound, they do have moments where a bit of grunge comes into play or their love for an alternative nineties edge shows its colors. And not just the guitar, the vocalist moves into that direction as well during certain moments. Without any doubt Thorndale have crafted six songs that pay homage to metal, to wild riffage and exquisite solo work. And with almost thirty minutes, the Lightning Spawn debut leaves you wanting more. More Thorndale and of their groovy metal! Out on Friday February 23rd, we’re honored to give you a full album premiere tomorrow! Indeed, you can hear the Thorndale album a day early and get hooked on their hooks! Tune in tomorrow, Thursday February 22nd!… For the full Lightning Spawn album and check out the three singles already out below…

(Written by JK)





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