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Full Album - World Wide Premiere - Thorndale - Lightning Spawn



Full Album - World Wide Premiere

Thorndale - Lightning Spawn

We're honored to present you all with the Full Abum World Wide Premiere of the debut album by
ThorndaleLightning Spawn sports six amazing metal tracks and almost thirty minutes of wild guitar work and majestic grooves!  

And yes, we wrote a few words about it just yesterday...

"... They opt from grandiose gestures, as you will soon hear once second track Ain’t The End Of My Rope roll on. A gritty groove builds to gigantic proportions, drums crash, as the vocalist uses mythological lyrics to paint ancient and lavish vistas. Born As A Stranger, hits faster, harder and then uses that almost trademark Thorndale signature sound, giving room to a guitar solo and letting it all open up and turn light before returning to that massive chug. Distinctly operating on every metal side of the Heavy Undergound, they do have moments where a bit of grunge comes into play or their love for an alternative nineties edge shows its colors...."

Read the full review HERE and listen to Lightning Spawn below!

 We thank Thorndale and Grand Sounds Promotion for the opportunity to share this wild album with you all...






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