maandag 26 februari 2024

Stoner HiVe’s Top 10 Most Listened Artists Last Week…


Stoner HiVe’s
Top 10 Most Listened Artists Last Week…

Replica Jesus
The Crotals
Earth Altar / Sun Below
Locomotiva Eléctrica

It’s Monday again! Still recovering from an awesome Into The Void Festival in Effenaar, Eindhoven. What a day! What a fest! Will try to write a few words about it soon. The bands and the organization did well! Loads of Most Listened on the list were Friday Freebies over on Doom Charts. We did ten this time, all amazing records! We did the Full Album premiere for Thorndale! A wild new metal outfit that knows how to incorporate all that good stuff from before. We wrote something about those punk noise bastards from Geishas Of Doom and had to do a lot of other work, so we were unable to do more for the HiVe last week. Hope this week will be better! Although of course, Friday will be for Doom Charts once again…

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