donderdag 3 september 2020

Redeye Caravan - Nostrum Remedium

Redeye Caravan - Nostrum Remedium
Self released - January 2020
Western, country, folk
Rated: ****

Greece's Redeye Caravan immediately stand out from the crowd with their unique debut concept album, Nostrum Remedium. Fully embracing a spaghetti Western aesthetic, the traveling caravan of band members tell strange and haunting tales of a weird Old West. Twanging guitar, harmonica, violin, and plenty of slide conjure up images of dry, dusty trails from the cowboy sagas of old. The group vocals and tambourine bring to life the chain gang trudge of "El Muerto", while "Ozymandias" delivers raw old timey strings and plinking keys straight from the local tavern. The track's even introduced by grainy static, which has to be assumed is from the rusty gramophone behind the bar. Highlight cut "Marie Celeste" is one of the most dynamic on the album, building off chants of "row" over splashing paddles to tell a tale of doomed men. The wailing harmonica and bouncing keys create a deceivingly warm sound that's cleverly upturned by the chorus's dramatic stomp. Bursts of strings mimic the chorus vocals' rhythm, as  the song's subjects are lyrically damned to "lose their souls". Nostrum Remedium is a very niche album in both concept and genre, but the commitment to world building and atmosphere by Redeye Caravan is total, and a no brainer for listeners looking for just this kind of dusty ride.

(Written by Shasta Beast)

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