maandag 21 september 2020

Back from Italy…


 Back from Italy…

Back from Italy, back from lovely Vernazza and the Cinque Terre region… But also from the lake district over there. Spent quite some lovely days around Lago Ledro. Where we did very little for a change, just some hiking, eating some lovely Italian foor and drank a whole lot of Italian wines! And ofcourse listened to all the Italian bands suggested by Stefano Maffioletti and Giorgio Sordato! I reckon it’s about time for a new Doomed And Stoned in Italy compilation! Featuring: P-Stones of Death, Ultracombo, A Forest Mighty Black, El Rojo, Mother Island, Jackie Treehorn Ave, Jahbulong and V Ʌ I L I X I! All of them exceptionally good! And ofcourse Black Elephant and the mighty Black Rainbows! I just wish we would have remembered Kayleth is from Vernona; it would have been grand to meet up with them when we were there! Next time I guess! For there will definitely be a next time!


Anyway, we’re back, ready for action and slowly everything will return to normal. Just like the rest of the world, we hope! Just remember, there are over 600 emails to go through for the HiVe mail alone. And countless others on other accounts. So, it might take some time before it really turns back to normal! Great to be back, but missing Italy like crazy already! 

Bella zio!

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