donderdag 3 september 2020

Black Elephant – Seven Swords

Black Elephant – Seven Swords
Small Stone Records – 2020
Rock, Blues, Stoner, Fuzz
Rated: ****

We promised and wanted to write something righteous about Black Elephant’s new record for the Doom Charts. But were suddenly thrust into the arms of a local singer for an interview. So we only had time to type a few quick words in a frenzy for the Doom Chart blurb: Seven Swords by Italian quartet Black Elephant has everything to become the soundtrack to your perfect car-ride, movie, book, apocalypse or whatever is in need for a perfect soundtrack. It meanders from all out hard rocking fuzz to cosmic blues and stoner, even touching base with the godfathers of it all in the track Red Sun And Blues Sun. It’s all there and then some! Colorful and cinematic, psychedelic and powerful, heavy and hard! With a fabled amount of fuzz; an amount that will ring on forever and into legend! The world's ending anyway. You might as well have some fun with it!

(Written by JK)



Small Stone Records

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