vrijdag 31 juli 2015

Roadkill Festival - FREE tickets!

Roadkill Festival - FREE tickets!

The two day festival Roadkill in Waarschot, Belgium is about to commence. On this first day none other than Elder and Mos Generator will be playing. Accompanied by bands such as The Black High and Hurachan. And another amazing band. Who have recently released their new EP and which we will feature soon enough: An Evening With Knives! And to help spread the word about this amazing festival, that band will be giving away two tickets. I know its last minute, but those last minute change of plans always turn out for the best. So contact An Evening With Knives, get those tickets, pack your bags and head over to Waarschot to experience Roadkill!

O’ and be sure to check out the line-up for Saturday… Cause that’s killer to! Just to mention one band: Truckfighters! Sbam! Sbam!

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