vrijdag 10 juli 2015

Pentagram – Curious Volume

Pentagram – Curious Volume
Peaceville/Suburban – 2015
Rock, Doom, Metal
Rated: *****

Most of us freaks out there carry at least one of the Pentagram albums close to our hearts. And many have carried them around like their very own unholy bible. Which is extremely justified. And after the resurgence in worldwide interest due to the Last Days Here movie and the damn fine album that would follow which was ominously called Last Rites. A lot of us worried they would be the last new recordings we could pray to. But we are lucky, Mr. Bobby Liebling and his compadres have been working on a new hardy volume for us to blood meditate with and it is not only tasty as sin but just as lustful. The new album is called Curious Volume and charges out of the gate with a thunderous Lay Down and Die. Just short of three minutes the track is wild and boisterous and has you banging and howlin within seconds. Ofcourse featuring Victor Griffin on guitar and bass player Greg Turley who was also present on Last Rites, it is also a wild introduction to the new drummer Pete Campbell, who you might know from Griffin’s In-Graved or Vulgaari. Almost all of the following ten tracks of the new record sound just as amazing and all have that copper edge, that throwback sound, that typical heavy metal approach that Pentagram always brought to the table. With some more guitar work here and there and a Liebling that has never sounded better. Especially on tracks like The Tempter Push, the heavy felt Sufferin’ and Devil’s Playground. The slower and doomier side of Pentagram shines through on Dead Bury Dead and Curious Volume, but we must conclude that that side is taking a backseat to their vintage and proto-colorings with a massive drive and groove, just listen to Earth Flight for instance, yowzah! And it turns out that it’s just the way we like it! We have Pentagram gold on our hands here!

(Written by JK)

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