dinsdag 21 juli 2015

Kamchatka – Long Road Made of Gold

Kamchatka – Long Road Made of Gold
Despotz – 2015
Rock, Blues, Free
Rated: *****

Last year’s record The Search Goes On by the Swedish trio Kamchatka was without a doubt for me personally the best album of 2014 and made it to the 18th position of the Stoner HiVe Countdown according to all you lovely freaks out there. The new album Long Road Made Of Gold, with Opeth-bassist Per Wiberg still in the fold, will definitely be contending once again for that first prize. A honkey-tonk introduction takes us into the first track Take Me Back Home after which Kamchatka’s very own version of blues, hardrock and seventies inspired melodies once again take over. But this time around we hear more southern influences among ofcourse those lovely dashes of psychedelics and stoner. There’s also more swing and groove on this new record compared to that magical The Search Goes On which was very bluesy. And yes, the soulful voice of Thomas Andersson just keeps getting better, he can turn on the grime and grit just as easily as he can sing pure and clean and as fleeting as quicksilver. We should assume the guys have found what they were searching for and that the roads are now truly paved with gold...

(Written by JK)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I need to listen to this album again, I wasn't impressed first time around.

  2. It's an absolute gem. Perhaps not as good as The Search Goes On, but definitely very close...


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