dinsdag 21 juli 2015

Lords of Bastard – I’m Fun

Lords of Bastard – I’m Fun
Bang Mountain Records – 2015
Rock, Stoner, Psych, Noise, Alternative
Rated: ****

With their new EP I’m Fun the Lords Of Bastard take it up a notch! We sure as hell dug their 2012 album Cuddles. We dug their haunting gibberish that was comprised out of new age sludge, grungy heaviness, wrestling noise and stomps of stoner. It was altogether eerie and aimed to create worlds for your ears and eyes. On the new four track EP they manage not only to create worlds or build cathedrals. Hell, they build entire universes and grand, mediocre and dubious civilizations. As opener Feel The Woosh starts you think, yes, we have lift off, we are back on the Lords of Bastard trip. But with Enter The Woo Tang they manage to envelop you whole and keep tumbling you over and over and over without making you nauseated. It has you soaring high for sure! The following two tracks have you touch down on another planet where time has stood still, revisiting two old tracks from their debut album but in a different kandy-kolored-coat. Heady, growling and mystical, tricking you into believing. Believing the Lords of Bastard are bigger than them all!

(Written by JK)

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