zondag 21 december 2014

Number 12

Number 12

“Recently awarded a massive 93 points from the Beverage Tasting Institute in Chicago, fending off stiff competition to win a Gold Medal at their American Whiskey Tasting. Medium deep amber color; forward vanilla spice on nose, with toasted nut, sweet fruit, earth and cedar shavings; dryish, rounded and smooth but elegant, flavors of sweet vanilla, nut, maple butter, mint and wood smoke; finish is long, warming and spicy.”

After being treated to that amazing solo album by John Garcia on Number 13, we climb just one point to reach the next damn fine record. A band that had us waiting for more than five years before the album before this one was released. Which was back in 2012. This time around it took them only two years. And this by no means hints at a rush job. No. We are treated to grade a heavy doom and gritty stoner profoundly inspired by everything from the seventies. There is something epic, mountainous and majestic about this record; and when you whip out some violin power you can do no wrong in my book! Simply electrifying!

Mos Generator – Electric Mountain Majesty

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