zondag 21 december 2014

Number 11

Number 11

“On the nose we detect autumn fruits with dry spices and a barley gristiness all perfumed together. On the palate anticipated crushed sugar, barley, spiced fruit and oak. All leading to a toffee- fruity - barley and lightly oaked finish.”

It was Mos Generator on position Number 12. And once again we climb just one point to Number 11. And here we find a band that already made it to the Number 1 position in Stoner HiVe countdown history. It was the year of 2010 and outside the masses where gathering to witness something dark. This year they prophesize something just as evil and wicked. Mesmerizing repetition and enough remorseless reverb to make their preaching feel like a jump of a harrowing cliff edge. It is a bleak and lumbering trek accompanied by psyched out jams that wield immense hypnotic power. Making you believe there’s no time like the present…

Electric Wizard - Time To Die

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