vrijdag 21 november 2014

The Cover That Could – II

The Cover That Could – II

China Drum – Wuthering Heights

In lee of their triumphant return to the stage as of 2013 and the release of a new seven inch next week it feels only right to pay homage to this great cover done by China Drum. Founded around 1989 the band released three albums and a handful of EP’s and singles. But unfortunately the band never garnered the attention they deserved and they disbanded in 2000. Their punk spirit and aggressive energy trades places with their melodic and alternative rock side within almost every song. It sported the singing drummer Adam Lee who went on to become frontman and new drummers came. One of them was ofcourse the Dutch drummer Jan Willem Alkema who came from Compulsion after the Goosefair recordings and who went on to bang with Driven To Collision. Their debut full-sized album from 1996 is called Goosefair and is perhaps their best one. Although Self Made Maniac from 1998 brought forth the truly amazing 60 Seconds track. (It’s still on almost every playlist I manufacture.) But for the listeners who were there when Goosefair came out the wait wasn’t over. Cause at the end of the disc you had to wait twelve minutes before the secret track to commence. Overdriven distorted feedback starts their version of the Kate Bush song Wuthering Heights. It is perhaps the most famous song of this criminally underappreciated band. But Great Magnet willing, the new incarnation will match what the band was all about, and manage to help everyone (re) discover China Drum…

Ps. Did you know it made the 15th position of the BBC top 50 covers of all time selection?

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