woensdag 26 november 2014

Blue Snaggletooth – Beyond Thule

Blue Snaggletooth – Beyond Thule
Self released – 2014
Rock, Hard, Stoner, Metal, Proto
Rated: *****

"Blue Snaggletooth is the informal name of a rare Kenner action figure from 1978. Released as part of the Sears ’Star Wars Cantina Adventure Set’ the Snaggletooth figure was intended to represent the character Zutton. However, the only reference used for the figure was a partial black and white photograph of the character. As a result, the Snaggletooth figure included wore a uniform erroneously painted blue, had long legs, and wore boots and gloves. All versions of Snaggletooth from 1979 onward, including later Sears releases of the cantina set, were corrected to the proper red color, with bare feet and hands and shorter legs. The value of the error Blue figure ranges anywhere from $200-300.” And soon the limited vinyl of the absolute diamond that is the sophomore record Beyond Thule by the American quartet Blue Snaggletooth will go for prices way beyond that. For their proto-metal, classic hardrock and trucking stoner mixture is exactly the kind of drink that sends a wavering alcoholic off the wagon and into the gutter. Where he will finally once again experience all those amazing adventures he once was all too familiar with. Battling Reptiles and Serpents just before daybreak and sharing coke with a Silver Goddess as the sun started to rise. And then when the hump becomes too big; he will lay his ass down somewhere, it doesn’t matter where, and become that Sleeping Mountain for a three day stupor. Only to be awakened once more by that beast inside, floundering in a bog of fear, insecurity and mounting frustration. But only for a second; until he puts on Beyond Thule once more; and heading chuckling happily out on the prowl once again. And only wondering if everyone could see the satyr inside of him…

(Written by JK)

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