dinsdag 11 november 2014

DeepSpacePilots – Per Ardu Ad Astra

DeepSpacePilots – Per Ardu Ad Astra
Interstellar Dust – 2014
Rock, Space, Psych, Doom, Ambient
Rated: ***

The new deep space adventure Per Ardu Ad Astra is over before you know it. And this is not just because it, unlike your other usual space rock albums, does not last as long. Which is doesn’t, for the main part of the adventure only lasts for about twenty-five minutes. Which is refreshing. But it is mostly because you would want it to go on much longer. You catch your breath and think; where did we go? Why did it end here? Is there any more beyond this desolation? For yes, the DeepSpacePilots take you on a grand tour of the universe for twenty-five minutes and then leave you drifting through the horrible void for another fifteen. It is this Chicago based three-piece third release and truly aims for the great big distance. They produce this otherworldly groove that slowly builds on pounding drums and whirling guitars. Floating vocals add to the ghostly atmosphere and that is just the intro song Cult Of Ark. After which the tour the force really takes off. Their reworking of the rare Pink Floyd track One In A Million is inspiring and captivating. There is no struggle here; these musical astronauts know their heading and we can only follow in their wake. Let’s hope their next voyage lasts even longer!

(Written by JK)

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