zondag 31 augustus 2014

Lord Montague – Lord Montague

Lord Montague – Lord Montague
Self released – 2014
Proto-Doom, Heavy Blues, Hard Rock
Rated: ****

Lord Montague worship the riff, the blues and the fuzz box. If Blue Cheer had jammed with Sir Lord Baltimore and tried to invent themselves as Black Sabbath when they were still called “Earth”, this could well have been the result. This is primitive voodoo being worked on the listener. Caveman riffs are powered along by this three-piece who never let the pace slacken or fade away. Bands first, self produced albums often have a raw, live feel and this is no exception – luckily this genre of music is well suited to an underground feel. You can feel the sweat of small venues drip off the notes being played and the vocals have the desperate pitch of too many shitty rehearsal rooms with no ventilation and shoddy P.A.’s being hired. This is the real thing people – played from the heart at a very loud volume. I get the feeling that these guys would be cranking these songs out even if no-one else would ever get to hear them. There is a joyous explosion of freedom when the solos are being flung out on top of the tracks that seem to be missing from a lot of today’s music. This is not scene or genre driven, just great instinctive playing that rocks big time. And because they are good people, it is name your price from Bandcamp.

(Written by Tony)

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