woensdag 27 augustus 2014

Hobo Magic – Hobo Magic

Hobo Magic – Hobo Magic
Self released – 2014
Rock, Seventies, Stoner, Psych
Rated: ****

They hail from Noosa, Australia just north of Brisbane and they have been playing together since the impressionable age of twelve. Well, until almost exactly a year ago when the drummer left and Bullfrog took his place. The three amigos trucked around doing gigs in rundown parts of town and in tiny garages when their parents weren’t looking. Like true musical vagrants they searched the entire catalogue for everything true and inspiring. After which it was also reasonable to call themselves Hobo Magic. And it definitely is some kind of charming trickery they pull off on their first self-titled release. Like their fellow countrymen Redcoats they are highly inspired by everything that came from the late sixties and early seventies. They move you and curdle your blood with their slower and melodic parts and have you dancing like an age old demon whenever they opt to go wild and wonderful. There is this definite natural and unkempt feeling about these six breathtaking tracks. They mean what they do and they do what they feel like. You can feel it. Just listen to The Lake for instance. It’s earnest and full of powerful stuff. There is a true search going on here. A journey to find righteous grooves and perhaps to reveal who or what is behind the curtain. Can you handle the truth? Can you handle Hobo Magic?

(Written by JK)

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