maandag 25 augustus 2014

Desert Age

Desert Age

You’ve been seeing it pop-up across the various stoner, desert and doom affiliated websites. And since we all loved Such Hawks, Such Hounds and the other little ditties that told us more about the origins of the stoner and desert scene we cannot do anything but applaud those who want to venture even deeper into the subject. So here is the Desert Age crew. They’re raising money via the indiegogo site and are already 100% funded. They want to record for us and our distant future the impact that everything has had that has come out of the desert on the musical landscape. Focusing mainly on the Californian scene and on what it has come to mean… We can’t wait to feast our eyes and our ears! So be ready when the summer of 2015 is here and the Desert Age is burning hot…

And check out the extra footage already out there…

Desert Age Extras:

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