maandag 11 augustus 2014

Godsmack – 1000hp

Godsmack – 1000hp
Spinefarm Records – 2014
Heavy Rock
Rated: ****

When I was a young man, many years before most of you were born, there were only a couple of genres for me to worry about. Punk, Heavy Rock, Metal – that’s all I needed to know. No post this or sub that, no tribal allegiances or divisions of loyalty within various genres of music. We just saw fucking great bands regardless of what the hell they played – that’s why in ’78 I could see AC/DC, The Clash, Sabbath, The Ramones, Black Slate, Priest, The Damned all in the space of two weeks. Why do I bring this up now? Well, the new album 1000hp by Godsmack is just plain Heavy Rock. It does exactly that – it rocks big time and makes me want to jump up and down. No trying to pigeonhole them – like Clutch, The Cult etc, they just play riffs that are groove ridden, have great melodic passages, economical wah-wah solos, cleanish vocals that convey feeling, a rhythm section that pounds and powers the songs along. God Damn, these tracks just sound right – everything clicks into place and puts a big smile on your face and sometimes that is all I need. Listen up download monkeys – if you like guitars, riffs and stamping feet in time to a beat, whatever tee shirt you are wearing today – give this a go and remember the days when music just made you feel good!

(Written by Tony)

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