donderdag 18 december 2014

Number 15

Number 15

“Colour: Gold. Nose: Not much lower strength. Raw, spirits, inexpressive, a little cardboard, grass, leaf… And a few floral tones. But an unlovely bouquet. Mouth: Very nice, a lot of caramel, corn syrup, then coffee and, just like in the blend, a little sawdust. Finish: Medium length, with a bitter side. Some varnish in the aftertaste. A mix of two distinct highland malts, the blended malt of Usquaebach is an acquired taste.”

We climb eight points after visiting the majestic Colossus album by Lo-Pan and head off towards a late comer this year. Not one, but two actually. A definite collector’s item and a gang of underappreciated actor lovers. One of them got together about five years ago and the other has been rocking the world for ten years. One of them is responsible for an incredible proto-metal, classic hardrock and trucking stoner record that leers back towards that golden seventies era. And the other one provided us with a psychedelic rock offering that rivals any of the greats. It is low soaring and high riding and cuts you like a knife. Ann Arbor, Michigan and Stockholm, Sweden together on position Number 15.

Blue Snaggletooth - Beyond Thule

Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus - Spirit Knife

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