woensdag 10 december 2014

Nihill – Verderf

Nihill – Verderf
Konkurrent/Burning World – 2014
Metal, Black, Noise
Rated: **

For some weird and possibly fascist reason Dutch band Nihill is getting nothing but praise over in our little country. But after catching their ‘show’ on Roadburn 2013 we could only assume something was either wrong with their equipment or their heads. A few weeks ago saw the release of their new album Verderf. And they continue where they left off. Black metal aggression and whirlwind distortion; plowing over you and eating you whole. There is nothing new here and nothing resembling any form of hope. But there is something else. Something disturbing and something unconscious that starts when the volume is set high and the droning effect of the clatter and clamor turn into the cold wind from the north. The one that heralds the coming of evil. Accompanied by truly expert grunts from vocalist Michiel Eikenaar we drag ourselves across this black and bleak landscape to our inevitable death… 

(Written by JK)

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