dinsdag 26 augustus 2014

Dragoon – Motototem

Dragoon – Motototem
Self released – 2014
Fuzz, Drone, Stoner, Psych, Acid, Blues
Rated: *****

Dragoon are a duo from Brazil and have produced a slab of mad grooviness that delivers on both tunes and powerful blues stoner that draws upon the heavier side of the psychedelic world. Drum machines are used that do give a slight industrial feel but seems to be used mostly as a means to get a pounding, driving beat which is fine by me. Clean guitars start the songs off but when the bass and guitar fuzz boxes get stomped upon, the whole thing is propelled into some mixture of a strange Stooges soundtrack that can only be played when watching 70’s Godzilla films! The vocals which go from crooning to distorted howls, add a dream/nightmare edge to the feeling of total immersion into the trip that is Dragoon. Artful song writing means riffs meld into quiet interludes with whispered refrains before the ride into the swirling landscape of fucked up acid blues starts again. And because these guys are cool it is a free download. What’s stopping ya!

(Written by Tony)

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