dinsdag 28 mei 2013

Geezer – Gage

Geezer – Gage
Self released – 2013
Rock, Stoner, Blues, Psychedelic
Rated: ****

It’s only been a month or two when Geezer released their damn good Handmade Heavy Blues album that forced its way into our hearts and Lucas wrote a glowing review. And now the guys are already unleashing a new four-track EP called Gage upon the world. Recorded in one sitting after finishing the one track promised for The Grip of Delusion compilation soon to be released the songs are definite Geezer material. However they do move away from their classic blues roots and that heavy trucking sound they had on their already mentioned album and edge forward towards a dry heat desert feeling where things drip somewhere in the background and the beer spilled immediately evaporates. It’s all even more laid-back and lazy and speaks to that atavistic side of us all. That side that prospers when things get dangerous and life threatening. So let’s hope the summer becomes just that and we will use Gage as the soundtrack… 

(Written by JK)

A much better review as written by Lucas on his Paranoid Histophrenic!

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