dinsdag 21 mei 2013

Elektrohahn und die Legebatterie – Commander Horst Control

Elektrohahn und die Legebatterie – Commander Horst Control
Self-Released – 2013
Biker Rock, Stoner, Psychedelic
Rated: ***

‘Commander Horst Control’ takes the listener on a two wheel trip through biker territory, rough and ready rock n roll, freaking out the squares with some dark psychedelia and even some elektropunk Nintendo sounds (see the intro).  The darkness that Elektrohahn und die Legebatterie drapes like a leather jacket across their otherwise straight-ahead rock sound comes in the form of the steadily thrumming bass groove, which is both hypnotic and addictive.  It forms the solid backbone that the band needs; it’s the highway in other words, upon which the rest of the band burns rubber.  Grunge influences also sneak into the affair, neglecting the formal biker dress code for flannel and shredded baggy denim in the form of some dissonant harmonies and syncopated rhythms.  But always it comes back to the Cream / Blue Cheer / Steppenwolf holy trinity of heavy metal thunder.  And make sure you bring a little patience along with you and ride this trip through to the end of the road, because there is a hidden track buried in the back of the album worth investigating.  Overall, a solid and steady cruise that takes care of rock n roll business.

(Written by Lucas)

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  1. Wohaaaa! Been diggin this a lot! Visit their website and check them out!