vrijdag 3 februari 2012

The Rott-Childs – Riches Will Come Thy Way – A Musical

The Rott-Childs – Riches Will Come Thy Way – A Musical
Rough Trade – 2011
Rock, Punk, Hardcore, Noise, Stoner
Rated: ***

Does everyone still remember El Guapo Stuntteam? One of the best bands to ever sprout from the Belgian soil. A band that gave the definition of rock a new meaning. And from those original six members, two of them are still together. The rest of them are dead, missing in action or institutionalized in either a nuthouse or prison. (Or played or are playing in bands such as Eat Lions, The Sore Losers, Rise And Fall and Vermin Twins.) But the two that have still been able to escape the evil clutches, founded The Rott-Childs in 2009 and released their first full-sized album Riches Will Come Thy Way – A Musical last year. Sticky rock ‘n roll that incorporates the hectic feeling from noise and the baroque madness from Nick Cave bands. Hyperactive chaos rock that does not aim to please but to derange and turn your head upside down. Steamrolling freaks that will pulverize you with their highly inflammable ramshackle rock, punk and noise banded together in a strange and benevolent angularity. These guys will rip the flesh of your bones and feed it to starving lama’s and other beasts with humps. Yes; they are that eccentric…

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  1. We love Belgium and their rockscene!

    1. Hello Bubba,

      I'm in a band called Kabul Golf Club. One of our members is playing base in The Rott Childs.

      You can discover our sound via the website : www.kgc-band.com (contains links to FB, spotify,..).

      Let me know if you're interested in reviewing our first EP... : kabulgolfclub@gmail.com