woensdag 7 december 2011

The Reptilians – The Mentalist

The Reptilians – The Mentalist
Spacnum Records – 2010
Rock, Stoner, Samples, Experimental, Metal
Rated: ****

The Mentalist is one kinghell of a project. Not only does this one track album warp your mind and soul like a weird vortex of sound it also brings to the table a massive book with amazing photo’s and a biography that definitely entertains. The Mentalist is brought to you by the crazy foursome called The Reptilians and starts off with a rant by Doug Stanhope over their music. It was recorded live in one eight hour session in a studio in Salt Lake City in 2009. The layers of riffs are scorching and the steady rising drags, no pushes you up that hill. It’s dark and surging, and brooding and heavy like a hot and shimmering desert afternoon. And when you’re finally at the top after an intense twenty-five minutes; you are just thrown off… And while drowning; there is only Stanhope to cling to and that is a very bleak prospect…

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