zaterdag 24 december 2011

Number 8

“Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, please listen to these honorable masters carefully…”

Number 8

These doom rockers are already on to their sixth album after releasing their fifth record two years ago marking their return to the stage after a four-year absence. And damn we are glad they are back. Primal, atavistic and raw. Crushing, battering and epic. This is one gigantic Moloch of a record that slowly pulls every king hell of a riff out of the murky depths of the gaseous swamps. Not a record for the weak and feeble, but for those who allow an album to slowly sleep into their membrane before unveiling its truly gigantic proportions to your higher self. It pushes and pulls, it rips and rolls, it rises and falls and masters that perfect amalgam of righteous rock; riffing on to the exact moment when a switch is needed. Powerful stuff!

Yob – Atma

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