zaterdag 24 december 2011

Number 6

“I’m off to see my grandma in the woods. A bring her a basket full of incredible tunes!”

Number 6

Like a barren and hostile wasteland; with a dusty wind carrying spooky sounds and almost ethereal voices we find ourselves roving around on an alien planet. The atmospheric feel to the album that we find on number six is amazing and at times awe inspiring; and then to think it is only their first full-sized record after having released their very first EP last year. And these guys dare to break from the norm; they dare to not play the notes, they dare to use their voices, and differ in riffs and time signatures to an enormous degree. It’s a trio that has quicksilver coursing through their veins and know the alchemy of using that right; with long sleek psychedelics and fuzzed out guitars; with an endless groove on the bass and two different vocal lines. In the end, you can only just put the needle back on again, crack open a beer and marvel at that sun setting in the deep red sky…

Mars Red Sky - Mars Red Sky

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