zaterdag 17 december 2011

Number 15

“Look into the puppy eyes! Look into the puppy eyes!”

Number 15

In 2009 these guys were the runner-up to OM who were considered by 18 peeps who sent in their lists that year to have delivered the number one album with their release God Is Good. This year that number two released their fifth studio album, which was less experimental as their former but still remains as heavy and thunderous as a massive crack in the sky. More concise and to the point and with a catchy-ness that might turn more people on to them. It might miss a bit of drive like Leviathan or Blood Mountain, it might lack the progressive adventure feel of Crack The Skye or perhaps the surprise of Remission. But all that is just nitpicking, seeking for little bitty thingies in a puddle of water, and hunting for a needle in the hay…

Mastodon – The Hunter

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