woensdag 21 december 2011

Number 11

“Fuck you man, you’d better sleep with one eye open!”

Number 11

Before we enter the top ten we are treated to yet another entry that takes its queues from the seventies and most importantly Black Sabbath. This time around it’s hugely due to the fact that the singer reminds us of a young Ozzy and the guitarplayer of a youthful Iommi. And where the band used to be compared a lot to Fu Manchu that resemblance has faded a bit. Gone are a lot of the groovy and lazy pieces and we are now treated to up-tempo driving arrangements and classic metal. Sure; we still get a few of those easy going sunny influences but above all: this record is one of the most genuine and beautiful ode’s to the almighty riff released this year. Venomous soloing, mean drum pounding; grand in rhythm, structure and intent. Just grab on and hold on for the ride…

Freedom Hawk - Holding On

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