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The Doom Charts for February 2024


 Doom Charts 

February 2024

Maybe the one day will be like that one day listening to the Doom Charts. Maybe it will last forever.

~ David (probably misheard quote from the 2001 movie A.I.)

The Doom Charts are merely a guide. A monthly chart based upon votes from many heavy music addicts from the Heavy Underground that take it upon themselves to go out and discover and write about as much new great music as they can. There is no algorithm involved, no AI, nothing artificial. Just pure love and dedication to the good stuff. I guess we are lucky, you know, you and me and that we dwell in the Heavy Underground. We do not need suggestions or predictions based upon what we listened before from some streaming service. We just go out and visit the blogs, zines, sites and listen to the podcasts spreading the love about all that good stuff. And then… We check it out ourselves. And possibly fall as madly in love with the album as the one suggesting it. Sometimes, it’s the other way around and we tip one of the many zines about a certain band. We are lucky. We listen to full albums. Do you think those streaming services will suggest you listening to SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM? I highly doubt it… They only suggest three-minute easy digestible bite-sized chunks.

Below are once again forty amazing albums. Full albums. We live in a time of a thriving heavy music community with so many great releases. And that is perhaps, the only minor danger here. Because there is so much, (239 albums received votes this month!) you might not stay with a certain album long enough. If you have time, please do. See it as that first vinyl record you ever bought or that cd, which you just played over and over, until those favorites songs from the first listening session are no longer your favorites and the ones you did not immediately appreciate are. If you don’t have time, there is a Spotify-playlist, (ho ho ho, the irony, the irony) at the bottom with the favorite tracks of the forty full albums below, chosen by the people voting for them. And all the tracks from the different Doom Charts editions that came before… Indeed, it’s an exceedingly long playlist. So be warned, it’s already over 200 hours of amazing heavy tracks… Single tracks. Which will lead you to more than 2000 heavy albums! Full albums… So, in the end, listening to all of it, might last forever…

It's Friday! Bandcamp Friday even... And those darn February Doom Charts are here! Featuring forty amazing album from the constantly providing heavy underground... All ready for you to peruse on Bandcamp...

For this edition I voted for: Sundrifter, Mr.Bison, KITSA, Deadpeach, Locomotiva Elétrica, GlitchCraft, The Obsessed, Shroom Eater, Motorowl, Last Quarter, Weedow and The Paladin.. But I could have and probably should have voted for the other 28 as well!!

And on the Stoner HiVe Facebook Page; we are running the countdown from SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM on Number 40 all the way to Number 1 and jotting down a few words for 40 to 26... All of which will be collected again for the Stoner Hype post on Monday...


Welcome to Doom Charts, representing some of the finest bloggers, journalists, radio, podcasters and reviewers from the heavy underground around the globe.  Each month, our critics submit their picks for the best new doom, sludge, metal, stoner, psychedelic and heavy rock albums.  The results are compiled and tabulated into the chart below.  This is a one-stop shop for the best new albums in the world…

The Doom Charts for February 2024


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