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Elefant Talk – Elefant Talk



Elefant Talk – Elefant Talk
M & O Music – 2021 / 2023
Rock, Stoner, Alternative
Rated: ***

Sure, on some level the album hasn’t completely sunk in yet, and perhaps we are too fast with this little write-up. But whenever a French band hits us up, we sort of feel we need to beat our fellow Doom Charts Contributors Thierry ‘Pumpkin-T’ Francois to the punch and be the first to strike. Just like the two-piece from Chambéry, France does. Indeed, the Elefant Talk duo strikes hard, strikes fast, and do this with a lot catchy bass riffs and pop sensible melodies. Stonerrock, alternative rock and a lot of attitude. The eleven tracks on their debut album move towards Royal Blood as much as it is marrying that Palm Desert sound to something very European. But there’s also something that makes you think of Muse and nineties rock. Combining more progressive almost jazzy drum work with powerful statements and pounding, it’s the driving force behind all the high energy tracks. But there are also those where the duo slow down in tempo like on Leave Me Alone and there they use both drums and bass to just leisurely flow underneath the carrying vocals. And although it’s not completely clear on all of the songs, but it seems most are told from the perspective of animals. On Mass Murder for instance an ant witness the destruction of its home. The second to last song is called The Hunting and features a guitar solo by Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, from Guns ‘N Roses and Sons Of Apollo fame. Final track Time To Go has you rocking back and forth with your eyes closed, before it picks up speed an vigor, slowly building in what surely be a euphoric release. Fascinating to see them close the album with perhaps their most impressive track and leaving you without that enormous release you feel the tracks is promising, leaving you wanting more…

(Written by JK)





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