woensdag 18 mei 2022

Sabotør – Skyggekæmper



Sabotør – Skyggekæmper
HQ REC/Pudsige Herrer Musik Aps – 2022
Rock, Garage, Stoner, Pop, Punk
Rated: ****

I learned much from my wild nights in Copenhagen, but can only remember how to say ‘Rub A Duck’ in Danish. Which is a bummer, cause I would have loved to hear the exact lyrics of the new Robot album by Danish trio Sabotør. But even if I have no clue what they actually sing about, the spirited vocals still rev me up, gets me up and make me want to jump on the barricades! Or at least dance my little furry ass off! The title of their new album Skyggekæmper; had me thinking it meant something like ‘mock fight’ or ‘shadow fight’, which, it turns out, isn’t completely far from the truth. Cause we learned it means ‘Shadow Giant’ but could also be read as ‘Shadow Boxing’. And when reading part of the press-release or better yet the Sabotør, ‘mission statement’ I wished even harder I remembered more: “Life is hard. It has always been so. Today most Europeans go through life embedded in technology with an abundance of necessities, but this abundance creates new problems. In the 2020’s technology, media and the state conspire to brainwash us into acting and thinking in certain ways that are perceived as beneficial to society and capitalism. This process often leaves us feeling exploited, empty and alone. The terror of being different and excluded is greater than ever before.” Right on! But hey, we can also simply just enjoy their music, for the highly pop sensible, danceable rock has a punk feel, stoner and garage influences, but can perhaps be best qualified as off beat disco stoner to go absolutely bonkers to! Electrifying! It’s sexy and full of nasty and gyrating gritty riffs. There seem to be not limit to the groovy stompy beats and defiant party atmosphere! Look out, dangerous nights ahead! Fuck! Skyggekæmper is simply orgasmatronic! Gnide en and!

(ps. And in a dream world, they would go tour the world together with Jimmy Glitschy… A man can dream…)

(Written by JK)



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