dinsdag 24 mei 2022

Gypsybyrd – Visions



Gypsybyrd – Visions
Self-released / Kozmik Artifactz – 2022
Rated: *****

Jake W. Lewis (Burn Ritual/King Earth) ethralled us all back in 2020 with his debut as Gypsybyrd: six hazy, languid pools of shimmering Doom-tinged Psychedelia that had the pundits raving! Gypsybyrd returns now with the sophomore album Visions and the trademark fuzziness and soporific, swirling ambiences are all there, only this time emboldened by both craft and encouragement. Opener (and first single) "Crimson Earth" automatically resumes where Gypsybyrd left off...a rumbling, yet serene riffer that draws the ear and sparks the attention. Next track "Born Of Electricity" opens on stabs of Hammond and heavy power chords before settling into a mid-paced groove, Jake's shrill vocals providing a vehicle of trippy lyrics to flavor the punch. Bluesy riffs are the order of the day on "Fly With Me" - Sabbathian, yet unmistakably Gypsybyrd in it's delivery and ambience - the organ swells and guitar work weaving hypnotic patterns and emotions. A snaking bassline ushers in "The Frog" - another languid, ponderous piece brimming with echo and atmosphere, complete with understated but apropos guitar before developing into a Funk-filled Santana - like groove towards the end. It's all systems normal on track 4, "A Soul On Fire": more slow, heavy riffage with presence and intent. A heavy bassline introduces the fuzz-smeared trudge of "Captive By Your Choices", whilst "Earth Meets The Sun" provides an ambient atmosphere of bass and sonic architecture, but as with all of Gypsybyrd's music, is dreamy and ethereal. The closing track "Travel The Universe" is built on a solid Doom riff, echoing voices and fuzz-laden guitar fueling a heavy, heavy monster tune with spaced-out guitar solo, bass drones and that Vox AC40 swirl doing the business throughout. Visions is an album of immense pleasure to recline and listen to. It takes the listener off to journeys unforeseen, wrapped in a loving cloak of Lysergia and skill.

(Written by Reek of STOOM)




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