dinsdag 16 april 2019

The Madman’s Monthly Ruckus Round-up

The Madman’s Monthly Ruckus Round-up

As we mentioned last month and we hope you crazies out there remembered, Madman Tony Maim has fired up his Black Insect Laughter blog again. Well, fired up might be a big word perhaps, but you will get fired up after checking out those post. Once a month the Madman will put forth his choices of Punk and Hardcore releases that made him go: ‘fuck yeah!’. And that’s the most important reason we want to hear about new releases! So, head on over to Black Insect Laughter and read up once again on what January and February did for the Madman before you get a serious kick in the head by his March selection! A great freaking selection it is! Check out the wild Heckel & Jeckel for instance or the amazing Kurandera! “Punk and stoner mixed together to give you some dirges to delight your soul.” See… The Madman laughs, because he knows!

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  1. Thank you kind sir. I promise I have not stopped doing reviews for you!