dinsdag 23 april 2019

Raketkanon – RKTKN #3

Raketkanon – RKTKN #3
Alcopop – 2019
Rock, Experimental, Noise, Sludge
Rated: ***

We never really mentioned those earlier Raketkanon records. Which seems odd, since they have been grade A experimental noise and sludge and weirdness. And that is something the HiVe definitely loves. Well, the Belgian crazies are back with RKTKN #3 and we are ready to get treated to more tracks about all those weirdos that got a track named after them. Of course we shall never know for sure what their crazy exploits might have been since vocalist Pieter-Paul Devos growls wildly at us in a completely invented language. Anyway, Raketkanon’s new album is definitely crazy once again, crazy, wild and raw. But altogether more precise and thought through than earlier releases. As if the experimentation from before needed to be distilled into something that might serve a purpose. But then there’s the movement from modest or meandering to monstrous or massive which comes across as enormous and dark. Leaving the feel for this record as bouncing around between epilogue, conclusion and bridge. Which is an awful way to state that the album has brilliant moments and we wish it was filled with those…

(Written by JK)

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