donderdag 4 april 2019

No Man’s Valley – Outside The Dream

No Man’s Valley – Outside The Dream
Tonzonen Records – 2019
Rock, Psych, Blues,
Rated: *****

For some weird and probably insane reason we never got around to mentioning that wild adventure called Time Travel back in 2016. So, now, two years later, we have the chance to correct that and go crazy on the record Outside The Dream by Dutch five-piece No Man’s Valley. We’ve been spinning the shit out of it for the past months, slowly getting more immersed in the dream. Slowly losing all sense of the outside world. ‘Psychedelic blues infused organ wave rock’, quite a lovely description by the band itself. But it has so much more! It aims for the stratosphere with certain element without ever becoming too spacey and it surges through all kinds of nooks and crannies to serve up an entirely own universe. A heavy and thick universe with depth and width. The atmosphere is so compelling, it transports you to ringside seats at a twisted carnival or will have you trapped inside a tin can that might be floating around in outer space or deep beneath the ocean. Who knows? It might just all be a dream. It is without a doubt based on the bluesrock of yore and the psychedelic transformation that happened in the seventies. The Doors could learn a lot from these cats!

(Written by JK)

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